AllNowTrending Magic Non-Slip Door Mat

AllNowTrending Magic Non-Slip Door Mat

30 Apr 2021 Abby Williams

Magic Non-Slip Door Mat

- Indoor Super Absorbs Doormat

- Latex Backing

- Non Slip Door Mat for Small Front Door

- Inside Floor Dirt Trapper

- Cotton Entrance Rug


Greet Your Guest With This Magic Non Slip Door Mat Which Keeps The Dirt And Mud Away From The Floors.

Normal Rugs Can Not Trap All The Dirt, So Stain Can Remain On The Floor. But This Magic Mat Can Trap The Muds And Dirt And Leave No Stain On The Floor. 

It Is Non Slippery. So The Risk Of Falling Is Reduced. It Has An Anti-skid Neoprene Backing That Is Safe On All Floors. It Has No Bad Odor And Doesn’t Smell Like Rubber. It Is Great For Entrances, Doorways, Kitchens, Conservatories, Back Doors, Garage And Even Caravans.

It Is Made With High-quality Cotton, The Magic Non-slip Door Mat Has A Structure That Absorbs Liquid In An Instant, While The Microfiber Locks In The Dirt And Muck. This Is Suitable For All Kinds Of Home Styles, You Will Be Able To Find One That Is Just Right For Your Home Year Round.



  • Multi-Functional: This mat is multi-functional. This mat is mold, mildew, faded and crushed and rot-resistant and makes it look like new forever.  It can be used as your home, outdoor space, workplace, or garage.

  • Trap Mud And Dirt: This Door mat absorbs mud and traps dirt on contact as it is made with 60% cotton and 40% microfiber fabric, you don't need to wipe your shoes repeatedly. This doormat instantly absorbs the dirt. It also keeps your dog's paws clean when they walk in.

  • Super Absorbent: This mat is made with super absorbent fabric which can hold more water than most regular doormats. It also can contain the rainwater and spills of the boots and umbrella. 

  • Non Slippery: This Doormat is made with anti-skid neoprene. For this fabric it won't slip the floor if anyone steps on it. It is also resistant from floor scratch. 

  • Easy To clean:  As it is made with cotton and microfiber it is very easy to clean. It is machine washable and by shaking quickly you can also remove the dirt from it.

  • Suitable For Family Homes: This is perfect for those who have kids as it doesn’t require more rubbing with the mat. 



    • Size: 45 x 70cm
    • Material: 55% cotton, 45% Polyester
    • Backing Material: 100% Latex backing


    •  1 x Magic Non-Slip Door Mat



    This doormat is for indoor use only. It is not suitable for the bathroom, some wet or watery place, dirt with little rock. some wet or rock surfaces may cause the mat to slip.

    Machine wash in cold water without detergent or fabric softener, some shedding of fibers will occur in first washes.

    Please use a large community washing machine to avoid clogging by shedding fibers.

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