AllNowTrending Sensational Bright Pink Coneflower Bird Feeder

AllNowTrending Sensational Bright Pink Coneflower Bird Feeder

09 May 2021 Abby Williams

Sensational Bright Pink Coneflower Bird Feeder

- Outdoor Decoration 

- Window Garden 

- Flower Picaflor Comedero 

- Outside Rust Resistant Art Metal

- Wild Bird Feeder 

- Gazebo Hummingbird Feeder 

- Creative Horse Chestnut Vertical Bird Feeder

If You Are A Bird Lover Than This Feeder Is Definitely For You. 

This Attractive Sensation Cornflower Bird Feeder Is An Outdoor Decoration Which Will Attract To Those Cute Little Birds To Come Over And Have Some Food For Them.

This Is Very Convenient With A Stake Base. It Has The Easiest Assemble Installation That Can Be Move Or Place Wherever You Want To. It Is Perfect For Your Backyard, Lawn, Garden Or In The Front Yard.

It Is Also Very Easy To Use And Fill With Foods. You Just Need To Pour Your Favorite Bird Seeds Into The Top Of This Coneflower Bird Feeder. 

This Gorgeous Bird Feeder Is Rust  Proof. This Feeder Is Made Of Durable Metal To Withstand All Weather Elements And Comes Equipped With Holes For Proper Water Drainage To Keep Bird Seeds Dry And Mold-free.



  • Easy To Assemble: This Tool is made for all so that they can use it easily. It’s very easy to assemble without any hassle. 

  • Outside Decoration: This beautiful bird feeder can be placed in all places in the outside like  garden, lawn, yard, front yard etc. And the gorgeous flowers will attract those cute little birds. 

  • Suitable For: This feeder is suitable for small types of seeds. It has tiny space for the small type only. So that the little and tiny bird can come over and have their food. 

  • Attractive: The Flowery Type design looks so natural that it attracts the birds with its attractive outlook. 


    • Material: Iron
    • Style: Flower
    • Size: 78x18 cm  ( the size of the bowl is 10cm/3.94inch)



    • Use different types of Feeders.
    • The choice of the birds can be different. Use a variety of feeders spread throughout your yard to attract the most hummingbirds.
    • To help the birds find your feeders, place them near nectar-producing flowers or other colorful accents in your yard, particularly red decorations that will catch these birds' eyes.
    • You have to consider both glass and plastic feeders, as well as designs with just one feeding port or multiple access points.
    • To keep them safe from window collisions or from getting their delicate bills stuck in window screens, feeders should be positioned either very close to the window or at least five feet away.
    • Dirt feeders won't attract them. You have to clean the feeder now and then. 


    There might be 2-3cm errors of dimension data due to pure manual measurement. And also there might be slightly color difference due to different light and monitor effect.


    • 1 x Bird Feeder

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