AllNowTrending Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger

AllNowTrending Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger

30 May 2021 Abby Williams

Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger

- HD Video Amplifier 

- Desktop Folding Wood Bracket Smartphone Stand 

- Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 

- Smartphone Holder

Are You Fond Of Watching Movies And Others On Your Mobile Phone? But The Screen Is Not So Comfortable To Watch? 

Yes, Mobile Phone's Have Small Displays Where Most Of Us Don't Find Satisfaction In Viewing The Videos. But Now You Can Watch Any Video Three Times Bigger In Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger. This Ingenious Invention Revolutionizes Your Mobile Video Viewing Experience. Mobile Phones, Although Have Become An Indispensable Part Of Everyone's Existence, Can Never Replace The Satisfaction Of Viewing Movies On A Big Screen. There Is Another Level Of Satisfaction When We Watch It On A Big Screen. 

This Product Is Specially Created For Viewing Bigger Than Mobile Phones. It Magnifies Your Mobile Phone's Screen Up To 3 Times In High Definition, Therefore Making The Mobile Viewing Experience More Comfortable And Enjoyable And Effectively Eliminating Eye Fatigue. Your Eyes Won't Get Hurt.


  • HD Quality: In This product we used high-definition optical technology to zoom in 4 to 6 times on the screen of the mobile phone. The picture is clear and the motion is stronger than ever. 

  • Comfortable: This has a bigger screen to watch any videos more comfortably. Also it is very stylish. 

  • Suitable For: It can be used in restaurants, outdoors, on the road, and at home, camping, tourism, leisure and other places.

  • Portable: This is very lightweight and small. You can carry it anywhere you want. 

  • Power Saving: You don't need to charge it. No electricity or battery is needed here. This is energy saving and environmental protection.

  • Environment Friendly: This is made with environmentally friendly TPU + wood. This Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger is very safe and durable to use.

  • Easy To Use: This product is very much easy to use. This is suitable for all kinds of smartphones. 


    • Color: Wood Grain, Black Wood Grain, Marble
    • Package Weight: About 235 grams
    • Compatible: Suitable for all kinds of Smartphones
    • Screen Size: 25.2 × 13 cm / 10 × 5.1 inches
    • Size: Approx. 26 × 19 cm / 10.6 × 6.3 inches;
    • Material: Environmentally friendly TPU + wood


    • 1 × Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger

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