• Auto Riveting Tool
  • Auto Riveting Tool
  • Auto Riveting Tool
  • Auto Riveting Tool
  • Auto Riveting Tool
  • Auto Riveting Tool

Auto Riveting Tool

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Rivet nut is a clever yet simple method of inserting a captive threaded insert into a sheet metal, round or square tubes and even aluminum sections. They are essential tools for fastening firewall additions, off-road modifications, body panels, bicycle attachments or even metal sheet roofing!
The Auto Riveting Tool makes installing rivets a lot easier and safer. It is a hand operated device that creates threaded hole for fixings that measure anywhere between M3 to M10. Designed for easy changing of mandrels and nose pieces by hand and the rubber handles are designed ergonomically for ease of use.


  • Equipped with ergonomic handle for comfortable operation
  • Thickened handle heat treatment, shock-proof design, the erase operation of the riveting gun arm vibration.
  • Create a threaded hole for M3 to M10 fixings
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Solves the sheet metal, thin tube welding fusible nut, base easy welding deformation, internal tapping and other shortcomings easy to slip teeth, does not require tapping internally threaded nut does not require welding, riveting, high efficiency solid, easy to use.


  • Model: BT-606
  • Capacity: M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
  • Working Stoke: 7mm
  • Length: 290mm (12")

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