• Inflatable Camping Shower
  • Inflatable Camping Shower
  • Inflatable Camping Shower
  • Inflatable Camping Shower
  • Inflatable Camping Shower

Inflatable Camping Shower

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Love outdoor adventures but hate using public showers? This Inflatable Camping Shower is your own personal portable shower!

The complete set is designed for the backpackers and adventurers like you who will never take no for an answer. The sturdy built can last the harshest of weathers and traveling wears while keeping your hygiene up to the mark.

Just fill in the water bag, press the air pump, and you have the luxury of your showerhead wherever you need a bath or water jet. The whole unit is built with industrial grade PVC. You don’t need to worry about keeping it safe or finding the best platform. It is okay to let it rest in the beachside sand or wild rocks.

You can rely on the foot-stomp air pump. Equipped with a high-elasticity sponge, it provides enough lift to jet the water through the nozzle without wasting any of your efforts.

The grip type nozzle comes with a pressure button to give you further controls over the flow as well as to ensure you don’t unnecessarily waste water. You can pump the water into the PVC tube, aim the nozzle, and release the water stream only when you need it just right.

Just deflate and fold the water bag when not in use. So the whole unit is reduced into the size of a tiny handbag, which you can carry around with ease, making it extremely portable and the perfect choice for those wild camping trips. The bag also comes with bottom-side draining holes to completely drain the residual or remaining water. Remember to drain all the water to keep the bag dry and sterile.

The extra-long 200cm (i.e. 2 meters) tubing gives you enough mobility and range to perform almost any task with comfort. Although, you can always move the whole unit if needed.

No more checking-in in random public baths or gyms to keep your body fresh and hygienic. It’s no secret that most of these places are full of germs and allergens. While lakes and fishing ponds have chlorinated water, which only harms your skin and can cause blisters. Of course, you can get creative and use it for other miscellaneous purposes like – car wash, gardening, cleaning, etc.


  • Lightweight
  • Convenient storage
  • Inflatable water barrel design – 11 lt. storage
  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to use a foot-stomp air pump
  • Best for camping and outdoor showers, fishing trips, beach and surfing fun, etc.

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